How do I know what size ring I need?

Have you ever seen a beautiful ring on the internet and when you go to buy it you don’t know what size to order? What if it’s too small or too big?

In this article we explain you how to know the size you need and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Currently we can find a standard sizing that serves for Spain and has its respective equivalents in European, Asian and American measures.

The most common sizes in Spain range from 8 to 30 and each size corresponds to the diameter of the ring.

There are several tools that we can buy to tell us the size of a ring that we already have as the measuring bar or others that tell us the size we need on each finger trying on rings, but relax! we will not make you buy any gadget or have to print any template to know the size of your ring.

We show you how to do it with two very simple methods that you can do with whatever you have at home:


If I already have a ring of the right size

This method is very simple, you just have to measure the inside diameter of your ring and look for the size in the ring size chart to find out what size it is (Note! the measurements are in mm.) If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the bigger one.

Keep in mind that each finger has a different size and that we usually have one hand a little bigger than the other, so the ring you choose to measure will give you the size of the finger you normally wear it on.

At Muleysa you will also find this table in the description of each item, to make it easier for you to identify the sizes.

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medir dedo anillo


If I still don’t have a ring of the correct size

For this method you only need a measuring tape, wrap it around your finger loosely (it should be tight enough not to fall off and at the same time a bit loose so that the ring can slide well) and when you have the measurement look it up in the circumference length table (Note! the measurements are in cm.).

If you don’t have a tape measure you can use a piece of string, yarn or even a piece of paper. Wrap the string around your finger and then measure the length by stretching the string over a ruler. This method is less accurate than the previous one and we only recommend it in case you don’t have a ring of the right size.

Keep in mind that finger sizes vary depending on the time of day and the weather. It is best to do this when your hands are warm and at the end of the day, as this is the time of day when they are most swollen.

TABLA longitud circunferencia-1

There are also size-adjustable rings, i.e. they can be made larger or smaller to fit various sizes.
They are very easy to identify, they have a small opening in the ring, either at the bottom of the ring or at the top. If the ring is a whole piece, without any opening, it is a one size ring.

If you see one that you like in our shop and you’re not quite sure, don’t worry, you’ll find all the detailed features in the description of each ring.

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