How to clear your jewelry of negative energy

We all know that it is necessary to physically clean our jewellery from time to time to keep it sparkling. But how can we cleanse our jewellery of negative energy?

Luckily, there are many ways to remove negative vibrations and energies from our jewelry.


Physical cleaning


The first step is to physically clean the pieces, especially if you have been wearing them for a long time. You can use a small amount of neutral soap mixed with warm water and scrub your jewelry with a soft brush, then rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly before doing the spiritual cleaning.


Connecting with the earth


One way to cleanse negative energies is to connect with the earth. Returning our jewelry to the earth helps to purify it, as most precious stones and metals come from the earth.

Store your jewelry in a cloth bag and find a place that inspires serenity. Bury the bag in a small hole in the ground and leave them there for 24 hours to reconnect with the energies of the earth.


Under the moonlight


Another way is under the moonlight. You can place your jewelry in a place where it gets a lot of moonlight, such as a window. Leave them overnight to absorb the purifying energies of the moon. If it is under the light of the full moon, so much the better.


Under the light of the sun


You can also use the power of the sun. Find a space in your home that gets plenty of sunlight and place your jewelry in it. It’s OK if it’s cloudy, the sun can still reach your jewelry. Leave them there for a whole day, from sunrise to sunset.

Tip: some stones used in jewelry can lose their color intensity in too much sunlight. If your jewelry has opal, turquoise, amethyst, rose quartz or citrine in it, try cleaning it under the moonlight.


Programming of intentions


Intention programming is one of the most powerful ways to clear our jewelry of negative energies. Use your jewelry as a meditation tool to better understand the harmful energy blocking it and set a new intention, focusing on attracting positivity into your life.

Identify what energies are in your jewelry that are becoming negative and unhelpful thought patterns. Perhaps you are stressed at work and your jewelry is absorbing those bad vibes, or maybe you have recently gone through a difficult time in your life, such as a break-up, and residual pain is attaching itself to your favorite spiritual jewelry.

Hold that jewel in your hands and breathe deeply and calmly. Imagine removing the harmful frequencies from your jewellery and set a new intention with positive affirmations related to the spiritual meaning of your jewellery. You can do this out loud or within yourself, whichever you prefer.

Tip: You can practice intention programming after doing any of the cleanses discussed above. Programe your jewelry with positive affirmations related to the symbol or stone, i.e. protection, growth, alignment...


As you can see there are many ways to eliminate those bad vibrations from the significant pieces you wear every day. Choose the method that best suits your jewelry and your lifestyle.