Must-have jewelry for a perfect jewelry backdrop

To wear a look that stands out on any occasion we need to have a good jewelry collection, which should include basic pieces that allow us to highlight our outfit in both formal and informal events.

Having the perfect jewelry collection requires selecting the pieces that are considered essential and that you can use on any occasion, that’s why we are going to give you the keys to start creating your perfect jewelry box:

In a good jewelry collection you can’t miss pendants with simple designs and fine chains, we recommend you to have different lengths, so you can use them alone or combined with each other. Include some with minerals that give a bit of colour and add personality to your looks.

Another option are chokers with small pendants with shapes along the chain.



They are one of the most visible pieces of jewelry and a must in any look, as they illuminate your face and your gaze. Ideally, you should have at least three different models in your jewelry box.

One of the basics are white pearl earrings, they are classic and timeless and can be worn on many occasions giving a simple and sophisticated look. If pearls don’t suit your style, opt for zirconia, you can wear them with jeans and a shirt or with an elegant dress, they are very versatile.

Another basic type of earrings for your jewelry collection are the small and simple earrings, they can be with shapes or with a stone, they combine very well with any look.

Finally, we recommend you to have some earrings in your jewelry box, they are an essential piece and you can choose the size of earring that best suits you.

Any jewelry collection should include several minimalist rings and some with a stone in the centre. Rings add a personal touch and can be combined to enhance the look. You can also include a midi ring.



Bracelets are a must in a perfect jewelry collection. There are several models that adapt very well to every style, choose simple designs.

You can also have one with a mineral as the main design or with zircons, as they are very versatile.

These are the essential jewels that we recommend so that you can start creating your perfect jewelry box and show off your looks on all kinds of occasions.