Symbols and Minerals

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Each stone and symbol has a different meaning and symbolism. Learn about the spiritual meaning of symbols and the healing properties of natural stones and discover which jewelry suits you best depending on what inspires you.

We invite you to discover what resonates within you.



new beginnings

Lotus Flower

Throughout the world, the lotus represents new beginnings, rebirth and infinite potential. In nature, the lotus takes root in the mud and emerges each day from the muddy water to bloom, a cycle that has made the lotus flower sacred in many cultures and earned it the designation "Flower of Life". In Buddhism, the lotus signifies rising above life's challenges and moving towards enlightenment; in Hinduism, Lord Brahma, creator of the Universe, sits on a lotus flower and holds one in his hand. Let the lotus mark your new beginning.




The protective eye has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome, but is found in religious traditions around the world, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. The eye is believed to protect its wearer from harm caused by malicious glare, and to keep negative energy at bay so that you can safely walk your path and fulfill your dreams.




Traditionally revered in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, elephants are often considered a good luck talisman and are associated with fertility and protection. In the wild, elephants display incredible emotional intelligence, which also makes them a symbol of wisdom. When depicted with the trunk down, the elephant is said to be accumulating positive energy and overcoming obstacles; a trunk up means prosperity. Let the elephant bless you with abundant good fortune.




At the heart of spiritual practices for tens of thousands of years, the moon has always captured our imagination and called our souls to soar. Often associated with the Divine Feminine, the "Grandmother Moon" guides our journeys with her nurturing wisdom, inviting us to ignite our intuition and explore our goddess energy. Just as the moon governs the pull of the tides, her phases inspire us, inviting us to follow the ebbs and flows of our personal evolution.



Tree of life

Rooted in the earth, the tree of life evokes deep rootedness and faith. With its spreading branches, it symbolizes wisdom, protection, beauty, strength and continuous growth. It represents the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. The tree's branches reach up to the sky and its roots go deep into the earth. Its head touches the absolute and its feet touch everything relative to existence.



Fatima's hand

The hamsa - or hand of Fatima - is an ancient talisman that dates back to Mesopotamia and is revered throughout the world for its protection against evil forces and negative energy. In Jewish tradition, the hamsa represents the hand of God and may be called the 'hand of Miriam'; Muslims may call it the 'hand of Fatima'. The hamsa brings positivity, prosperity and security to the wearer and his or her household.




Chakra - or cakra - has its roots in the Hindu/yogic tradition and means "wheel" or "mystical cycle" in Sanskrit. In ancient India, the discovery of psycho-energetic centres within the body gave rise to the term chakra, and refers to the universal inner energy system that channels energy in a circular pattern. When the seven main chakras are open and aligned, energy flows freely, allowing us to move through the world in physical and emotional harmony; the chakras also guide us as we gain our spiritual power.




Mandala, or "circle" in Sanskrit, is both a spiritual ritual and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. Circular designs represent the Universe, the infinite cycle and the sacred connection of all things; it also symbolizes the spiritual journey of the individual. When used in meditation, the mandala helps to centre the body and mind and reflects the harmony of mind, body and spirit.




For thousands of years, the sun has been a revered symbol across cultures, playing an important role in our shared stories and capturing the essence of the cycle of life. Whether used to represent the passage of time, to mark life or death, or to symbolize royalty and power, the sun remains a guiding force even today. A sign of vitality and leadership, the sun blesses us with its light and warmth, inviting us to look towards the light.




From eternal compasses that guide our lives to guardians of our most sacred desires, the stars hold magic for the eyes that gaze upon them. In astrology, the stars form the constellations of the zodiac and predict what awaits us on each of our paths. Often a symbol of guidance, the stars are also associated with protection and divine energy on our path to truth.




At the core of our humanity beats the heart, the symbol of love in its many forms. When our hearts are open to giving and receiving love, we embody it; we know joy, practice compassion and bestow kindness. The heart contains our sacred life force; it invites us to practice self-love so that, in turn, we can freely give love to others.



Om - Aum

It is the most important Hindu mantra for union with the absolute. It symbolizes the essence of all beings. The three letters correspond to the three states of consciousness: A corresponds to waking consciousness and the material world, U corresponds to sleeping consciousness and M corresponds to the state of deep sleep or enlightenment. It has the capacity to strengthen mental and physical creation.

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