Types of earring closures

At Muleysa we have earrings with different types of clasps. Here we explain the most common ones.

One of the most used in jewelry is the snap clasp, the back is shaped like a butterfly and the stick that is attached to the earring fits perfectly as it has a small groove. Some of them may have a small lace on the thread or stick that prevents it from slipping easily when the back part is inserted. These types of clasps can have the disadvantage that if they are taken off and put on too often they can become loose.


A variant of the snap fastener is the screw fastener. In this case the clasp is screwed on, i.e. the stick or thread is threaded into a groove so that the clasp can be screwed in. This type of clasp is used for babies, children and for people who do not take off their earrings to sleep or to wear them in extra holes, as they do not stick in your ear. Make sure that they are screwed in as far as they will go, otherwise you risk losing the earring. This type of fastener is used on small earrings.


Another popular type of clasp is the Catalan clasp, which consists of a small lever with a hole that fits into the earring stick, which has a small cutout for it. They are used in many types of earrings, including Creole earrings, although the system varies a little. The simpler ones may loosen with use.


The hook or hippie clasp is used for dangling earrings that are easy to put on and take off and are shaped like a curved hook that is simply inserted into the ear lobe hole. It can be closed or open.


A similar one is the leaf spring fastener which consists of a curved bolt that fits into a hinged billet.


On the other hand there is the omega clasp that combines a smooth rounded pin, which is the one that is introduced against the earlobe, this shape is the one that gives the clasp its name. It is a system very used in earrings of certain weight and size, since, it adjusts perfectly and obtains one in the lobe of the ear, with another thread forming a hollow tilting shovel that presses the earring great subjection.


CIERRE OMEGAAnd finally there is the African clasp, which is used in hoop earrings. It is one of the most reliable and does not cause discomfort to the ears.