Why everyone should wear symbolic jewelry

Jewelry is a perfect complement to any look, but symbolic jewelry has an even deeper purpose. These jewels have meaning and can inspire, encourage and protect the wearer.


Symbolic jewelry is unique.


Unlike jewelry designed for the sole purpose of attracting attention, each piece of symbolic jewelry has a deeper meaning and purpose.

Symbolic jewelry can be as beautiful as it is meaningful, and when you find a piece of jewelry that touches your heart, it becomes truly unique.




Symbols give deeper meaning to jewelry


For thousands of years, people have used symbols to convey deeper meanings. When we incorporate symbols into a piece of jewelry, it becomes more than just a decorative object and has a function. Depending on the symbol used, jewelry can inspire, calm, protect and balance us in our daily lives. The lotus flower, for example, represents rebirth and new beginnings in many Eastern cultures.



Healing stones can raise your vibration


Many natural stones have healing and energetic properties, such as amethyst, onyx, rose quartz or turquoise. Within our symbolic pieces you can find designs that incorporate natural stones to bring peace, love and abundance into your life.